Closed with immediate effect – Covid-19

Mar 23, 2020

Statement from Vicky Chapman:

Following the rapid progression of the Covid-19 virus, I have taken the decision to shut the practice with immediate effect. If you have an appointment tomorrow, or in the future; you will be contacted by a physio to discuss your current situation and put steps in place to self manage. This will of course, be free of charge.

Only a week ago, I felt that our duty of care to our patients was to stay open and assist them as best we could for as long as possible. Whilst the government has not yet ordered us to close, and we were taking comprehensive precautions to keep staff and patients safe following the advice of Public Health England and our union, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy; I now acknowledge that the time is right to close our doors for the duration of self-isolation.

This was an easy decision today. When I listened to an A&E doctor begging people to stay in, I had to acknowledge that whilst we endeavour to make a difference to every patient we see, people can and should manage without physiotherapy at this unprecedented time. He stated that unless the situation was life threatening, no-one should be seeking treatment. I don't want Chapman Physiotherapy to be complicit in any additional workload placed upon our NHS colleagues who are doing their very best in difficult circumstances. I have offered our facilities to Doncaster Royal Infirmary to be utilised as and when they may require and they have acknowledged this.

We have grown tremendously as a team, especially over the last three years. I would like to thank every single person who has used our practice in any capacity. We will ALL be back! Please stick with us and we hope to see you all again!

In the meantime, I would like to say that I will be available for advice, video and telephone consultations and will be able to provide rehabilitation programs as required. I can be contacted by calling our usual telephone number: 01302 321245. We will keep updating our website and social media with information, exercises and what we are all up to! We would love to hear from you too! Stay in touch and stay safe.


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