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At Chapman Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on providing a specialist service via our highly experienced team. All physiotherapists have come from a specialist background, whether it be professional sports or NHS and have over ten years clinical experience. Our physiotherapists are friendly and caring and work from our purpose built facility which includes private treatment rooms and a rehabilitation gym.

Musculo-skeletal physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of problems affecting joints and their surrounding structures, such as muscles, ligaments and bones. Treatment aims to restore pain free range of movement and improve strength and muscular control. Your physiotherapist may utilise techniques which are ‘hands-on’ such as soft tissue release and manual therapy in conjunction with an exercise rehabilitation program and postural advice. Acupuncture is also available.

We want to ensure that you get the best from your treatment, so often you will be advised to perform exercises at home. We have a database of over 10,000 video clips and will email your personalised program to you, so that you can review your exercises on your computer or even on your mobile phone! This helps you to ensure that you are performing them accurately to get the ultimate benefit.

Conditions treated range from headaches and migraine to osteoarthritis, shoulder impingement, sports injuries, chronic pain, joint sprains and neck and back pain. We also take GP and orthopaedic consultant referrals for post-operative rehabilitation.


Physiotherapy – 30 mins


Physiotherapy – 45 mins


Physiotherapy – 60 mins

Personal Training

One-to-one training available in our studio gym

About Chapman Physiotherapy

At Chapman Physiotherapy Ltd we pride ourselves on offering a first class physiotherapy service in South Yorkshire. Based in Doncaster, our easily accessible location provides full disabled facilities and appointments are available from early morning to late evening.