Respiratory Physiotherapy

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Individuals with most of the lung conditions are often limited due to symptoms of breathlessness and cough day to day, and few may suffer from panic attacks. These symptoms may have an effect on daily activities which can sometimes be frustrating for both individual and family members.

How Can We Help?

We are here to help in dealing with above issues by providing certain interventions such as techniques to clear mucus from airways which are tiny tubes in your lungs, breathlessness management by following strategies that can reduce work of breathing, give advice on home exercises and managing energy levels, education to improve knowledge on your respiratory condition and improve your functional abilities (to carry out daily tasks).

What could we do more?

At Chapman Physiotherapy, Anil can also advise on respiratory medication, review inhaler technique, nebulisers/oxygen, provide training on suction and specialist equipment such as cough assist machines.

In addition, he can provide education on prevention/management of chest infections, existing support services in community and onward referrals to local NHS services if appropriate. Sometimes diagnosing any underlying new problems relevant to respiratory issues can be missed easily, and therefore he will carry out a comprehensive assessment to make sure you get the right treatment. If necessary, he will communicate with your GP to have further investigations in hospital. He understands how hard it is when you can’t breathe and uncertainty about what could happen in future. At Chapman Physiotherapy we are here to help you.

Respiratory Conditions

Treatments to help with:

Breathlessness symptoms

Cough management

Sputum or mucus clearance by using both manual and specialist respiratory equipment such as Flutter, Acapella, Cough Assist, Lung volume recruitment bag (LVR) therapy etc.

Advice on Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy and Non-invasive ventilation (NIV)

Energy conservation and fatigue management strategies

Inspiratory muscle training to strengthen muscles that help for breathing

Suction training

Dysfunctional breathing/Breathing pattern disorders

Self-management and education on respiratory condition

Advice on prevention of chest infections

Advice on respiratory medication, Oxygen and Nebuliser

Advice on inhaled medication and technique

Home exercises to improve day to day activity levels

Education on services available in NHS and local support groups

Referral to GP to consider/advice on specific investigations in hospital if necessary

Onward referrals to relevant NHS Services

About Chapman Physiotherapy

At Chapman Physiotherapy Ltd we pride ourselves on offering a first class physiotherapy service in South Yorkshire. Based in Doncaster, our easily accessible location provides full disabled facilities and appointments are available from early morning to late evening.