Having visited Chapman Physio over the last few years for different reasons, I have nothing but praise for the practice.

Very professional and I have amazing results.

Brilliant, Friendly physios, Great Practice!

D Rigby

The physio identified the problem with my knee straight away. Even after one treatment my knee had improved greatly. Two further treatments and regular exercises (provided by Chapmans) at home and my knee is back to normal. Very many thanks

L Taylor

Very Good! Vicky sorted my shoulder out. Very professional. Explained everything.
I attend about every 8 weeks for a ‘top up’ – just to keep on top of it!

C Springthorpe Weir

Modern, professionally run practice with excellent therapists.
I feel the benefit from every session & wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them

J Appleton

Having visited Chapman Physio over the last few years for different reasons, I have nothing but praise for the practice.
Very professional and I have amazing results.
Brilliant, Friendly physios, Great Practice!

D Rigby

I’m pleased to say I’m absolutely fine, my back feels pretty much back to normal and has done for a few weeks.

I only had two sessions with you, with two different physiotherapists, but those, coupled with the exercises they recommended (and some good pain relief to allow me to get moving around) seems to have got me fixed. I’ve also learnt my lesson about trying to twist myself in knots to pick bags up rather than just walk around! Never again…

Whilst I’m not in need of any further assistance currently, you will be my first port of call should I have any further issues going forward or if I need help otherwise; as I mentioned to your physios I do have a permanent mobility issue due to knee injuries after a car accident and subsequent multiple surgeries, so there is a high likelihood of this need manifesting.

I have also strongly recommended you to a few family members, so you may hear from them in due course.

Thank you for seeing me so promptly, and please pass on my praise to your two physios who treated me so effectively – Dan & Elly, (I’m awful with remembering names), but in particular the first gentleman who knew exactly where my issue was, just from looking at me trying to stand up straight, and advised me what pain relief to ask my gp for. The lady who treated me second time around was equally as professional and effective. It would be my privilege to be seen by either again.

I remain massively impressed with my treatment. I also felt it was excellent value for money given I could barely stand up on my first visit;and with me being self-employed and unable to work and so not earning at all, got me back at work within days; well before I could likely have expected, even for a sedentary role.

Kind Regards,


C Jenkins

Hi, I am Owen and would like to share my experience with Chapman Physiotherapy.

After suffering with chronic back pain for roughly 6 months, I went to the doctors who advised physio. I decided after looking at reviews online that I would try at Chapman’s.

From entering to leaving the practice is a pleasant experience as the reception staff are very pleasant and engaging and the practitioners that work here also have time for a hello and pleasantries instead of just walking by while you wait.

Treatment started weekly followed by forthrightly and monthly for the last few. All sessions helped and freed movement more each time until I was at a stage where I could comfortably go about my life.

Surgery is inevitable with but I have gone from a man who was about as low as a person could be, feeling useless and a failure unable to even pick my daughter up on bad days or play properly with any of my children, which is an upsetting place to be. Now I am relatively pain-free running around with kids and lifting (properly and safely) over twice my body weight which would not have been possible without the hard work put in by staff at Chapman’s who I cannot put to words how much I recommend them to anyone who needs some treatment.

Thanks for reading
Owen Evans

Owen Evans

Can you pass on my thanks once again to Vicky for giving up her time to assess my ankle problem last month. Please let her know that 4 weeks on progress is extremely encouraging, and although occasionally there is still slight tenderness around the tendons of the medial malleolus, I can typically get away with 3-4 hours of tennis before I become aware of it.

NB I survived 4 hours tennis a day (plus a swim) for 6 consecutive days in Crete, and since returning home I’ve been playing 4 times a week (4 hours on Monday) so it’s pretty much a return to business as usual.

I’m hoping that if I keep working on the strengthening exercises I might feel more confident in a couple of months time to perhaps start building back slowly with a few short runs.

At the moment I’m still religiously doing the exercises that Vicky recommended (initially every day, but more lately 4/5 times a week) as they seem to be making a difference.

J Harmer

Just wanted to send a few words about to how well my consultation with Wendy went yesterday.

I injured my shoulder 7 weeks ago and Wendy has been the first person to explain the damage in a detail and language that I understood, excellent. Having described what was damaged Wendy was then able to explain the type of exercises I need to do and why. I felt the whole consultation was brilliant and I now feel confident to perform the appropriate exercises and to what level safely.

I would not hesitate to recommend Chapman Physiotherapy to my friends and relatives

Kindest regards

James Myers

Excellent service everytime

Michelle Bilton

Receptionists very professional, very pleased with service every time. Both from Physios and Fitness Trainer. Makes me feel more confident with my sports injuries. Would highly recommend.

Oliver Ireland

Excellent! Have always received excellent treatment, advice, and support. A lot of help regarding self-management of injuries too with access to online exercises

Claire Windle

Making a huge difference in my life having treatment at Chapman Physiotherapy. A very good team.
Highly recommend

Neil Wain

Amy was friendly, knowledgeable and able to work miracles!

Sarah Smith

Fantastic Service! and very helpful would always recommend

Lisa Arthur

Very happy with the service, always able to get a suitable appointment, staff excellent, new building lovely. Prices fair

Lisa Smith

Great communication
Nice Physio
Positive Results!

Toby Milner

I have had 2 sessions & already feeling much improved. Clearly great Professionals.
I appreciated the exercises being sent by email. I also appreciate the appointment reminders.
Great, friendly facility you have here

Dave Poulton

Friendly and efficient service.
Currently visiting the practice with a hip injury and feel like I’m making progress on the road to recovery.
All thanks to Amy!

Max Bytheway

FIRST RATE knowledge and practical skills from Dan, from the first session.
Helping me to maintain and perform at my best. Amazingly friendly reception staff in a lovely, state of the art facility.

Kyle Kitchen

Dan identified the problem with my knee straight away. Even after one treatment, my knee had improved greatly. Two further treatments and regular exercises (provided by Dan) at home and my knee is back to normal.

Very many thanks

Lyn T

Really happy with the physiotherapy session. I felt like he really understood and listened to what I had to say and then offered personalised solutions for me to go away and work on


I’ve had effective treatment by professional staff and all staff including reception are friendly and helpful.
I’ve recommended to all my friends & family


*****They are great at their work. Very professional, well-planned and well-organised offices. They take the time to patiently listen to your problem, understand it and then work on it. They always tell you what they plan to do, what they expect you to do and what results they expect in what timeframe. I have seen 3 physiotherapists here and they have all been very consistent in the work and the results. A lifestyle of working with computers and an affinity for Squash, I need these people from time to time to help me stay healthy. Would not go anywhere else and I would recommend them to anyone wholeheartedly. They have moved their offices to the current location at Thorne Road. (taken from google)

Sunil Goswami

I just want to take the time to say that your practice and the great service offered is fantastic. I want to say that when people are vulnerable, injured, fearful after injury that what the physiotherapist does is life changing and should not be underestimated. I came in after a wrist fracture, terrified to move, fearful of lots of daily things, I have seen Dan Smith for the past few week and I can tell you that as well as your other therapists I am sure, that he is very good at making people drop fear, giving confidence back. It is an emotional journey at times.

As a patient you have to take the approach “no pain no gain” and most certainly I was put through my paces every visit, but I knew it was all for the better, there is a lot of homework to do and I was told that part is important. But like I say I did want to take the time to mention that there must be many people in and out of your door week in week out, but I wanted to say thank you.


Nicola B

Very good assessment & massage of calf.
Looking forward to the next one

N Smith

Matt is the Best Physiotherapist!


Siobhan has been fantastic She is a very knowledgeable lady and you feel at ease from the moment you meet her. Her physio sessions have been helpful. The receptionist is very friendly. Both very customer focused.
The premises are very smart and clean. Parking and receiving e mails with confirmation of customer appointments add to the whole experience.
Thank you!

Mrs Anona Hermes

Had a one hour sports leg massage with Dan.
He was brilliant!! Sorted all knots and niggles!
Very professional, lovely place to go.

Ruth White

A really modern practice, like a breath of fresh air when you walk in with very professional and friendly staff.

Adrian O'Neill

Professional, friendly and very good at what they do. Have been a returning customer for over a year on many different occasions.

Jaspal Lall

I had a shoulder/upper arm problem for 2 months.

Siobhan sorted it out in two sessions!

Peter Gravestock

For 2 1/2 years, I have struggled with my knee & back, unable to run more than 5 miles. In 3 sessions,
I am the happiest man alive! No pain and can run 8 miles+ WOOHOO!!
Stuart Horrocks

Via email following an injury prevention session with phase 4 and 5 swimmers: “In case I forgot to say thank you earlier: thank you. Lots of good stuff for us to incorporate in to land work in future and it’s always good for the swimmers to see that it’s not just us that think it’s important. Enjoy the rest of your Summer.
David Cuthbert - DARTES Coach

After recently seeing Gemma about a foot problem, I now have a better understanding of why I have suffered for years! No more, thanks to her knowledge and expertise. Corn free and gait sorted all within a fortnight. Excellent service. 5 stars *****
Linda Jones

Lovely Staff, very warm and welcoming.
Siobhan is lovely and patient with me. Really helping me both at physio and with home/work changes
Beth Johnson

Very professional service. Lovely surroundings and Siobhan made me feel totally at ease and worked out the problem straight away.
Claire White

Extremely happy with treatment received and have/will recommend
Sandra Wright

Helpful treatment from physio and efficient reception staff
Pamela Arnett

Efficient all round service from making the initial appointment through to the eighth visit. Swift understanding of problem with appropriate treatment along with reminders of appointments via e mails means always able to check without too much trouble.
J Scully

Everyone is always polite when visiting the practice. The new site is spacious and professional. All treatment I have received is really helping relieving pain and giving movement back into my neck. Would recommend to anyone with movement issue.
Matthew Nixon

A really good service provided, helped with my pain 100%. Thanks.
S Campbell

Very thorough, very informative.
Ideas for exercise. Will come back if need to and would recommend
David Grocock

Very thorough people and nice with it
John Lawrence

Nice environment. Love the reminder service. A*
Dave McCaw

My back has felt a lot better since visiting Chapman Physiotherapy and I have been using the foam roller as recommended. I have recommended their services to a few people I know and will continue to do so. I thank them for their help; I will return if I have any more issues.
Daniel Linney

Very welcoming and friendly staff.
I have only had a few visits by my physiotherapist is very knowledgeable and understanding of my issue
Sharon Wright

Following a couple of games of beach volleyball on holiday during which I appeared to forget I am 55 years old and not 35 years old, I returned home with a very painful and very stiff left shoulder.

Within a day or so it became apparent that the problem was not going away but was becoming worse. So much so that I was unable to even drive (I couldn`t lift my arm to reach the gearstick) and the pain was such that I could get no sleep. An X-ray revealed nothing broken and I was referred to Vicky by my GP.

It`s now 10 days after the first of three sessions of physiotherapy and I am delighted to say that although my arm and shoulder flexibility is not yet 100%, it is about 75%. Remarkable when you consider that 10 days ago I would suggest it was less than 5% of normal; I was needing to use my right arm to carry around my left arm and I was extremely concerned.

Gill sorted my private health administration very professionally and Vicky sorted my shoulder.
So thank you Vicky. I would recommend you to anyone requiring physiotherapy (but I`m still not sure that Apple products deserve your loyalty!).

Nigel Beardsley

I have suffered from migraine episodes throughout my adult life, on average experiencing 4 attacks per month. Recently that number increased dramatically to a point when 75% of the time I was living with a migraine. Having visited my GP again, I was prescribed yet another drug to try, this time with reported appalling side effects. At this point I decided to seek an alternative way to get relief.
I had reached a point where I could not put my head in a comfortable position, called Chapman Physiotherapists, explained my situation to a member of their helpful reception staff and made an appointment.

My first appointment with Siobhan consisted of a detailed consultation, analysis of my posture, which concluded with a clear plan of what treatment she recommended. Siobhan diagnosed that I had extremely weak neck muscles (as a result of years of excessive driving and desk work) that in turn caused progressively poor posture attributing to my increased migraine frequency. Regular treatment sessions with Siobhan began alongside an exercise plan she recommended for me to complete at home.
After a couple of sessions my migraine episodes started to decrease. I have since completed a course of physio sessions & confirm that a period of 6 weeks and counting have passed without a migraine symptom. I am delighted with the outcome, the treatment and results have changed my life. I feel very well now, drug free, whilst continuing my ‘at home’ exercise plan.

Suzanne Brown

It’s reassuring to return to a physiotherapist you trust and can rely on.
Anne Marie Wilson

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