Physio Led Upper Body Exercise Class Testimonial

Feb 11, 2020

Thank you to Penny for volunteering to being a case study from the new exercise classes at Chapman Physiotherapy! Read on to hear her story and how these classes have improved her pain and function.

In June 2018, Penny had an approx. 10ft fall from a ladder, fracturing her lower back, left elbow and left shoulder. She required surgery on her back and elbow.

Penny came to see Vicky in September 2018, with very limited left shoulder and elbow movement, she couldn’t get her hand to her mouth! After 5 months of intensive physiotherapy, Penny had regained use of her left arm and therefore commenced the Upper Body Exercise Classes.

Penny attended the Upper Body Class weekly and regained full strength in her left arm. After 6 months of the classes, she has now returned to the gym and is doing weight training classes, Pilates and boxing with no problems.

She has minimal pain into her shoulder, elbow and back and feels back to normal.

Here is Penny’s testimonial:

‘I attended Elly’s upper body classes to help with rehabilitation after a serious accident.

Elly provided me with a personalised plan of exercise to gain flexibility and strength which was updated weekly. Elly was very professional and knowledgeable and not only taught me the correct exercise techniques, she supported and challenged me to push myself to get the best from the class and myself. Elly also helped me to gain my confidence back to return to the gym and exercise after my accident.

The class was also fun with lots of laughter, especially during the boxing! Thank you Elly!’

This is just one example of how our exercise classes can aid recovery from injury or pain. We run an upper body and lower body class twice a week which are tailored to each individual’s needs and the exercises are adapted as required. They can be utilised for any injury or problem, or if you just want to become stronger!

Ask your physiotherapist or at reception for more details on how to join the classes.

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