Physio Led Exercise Class – Case Study

May 30, 2019

Thank you to Claire for volunteering to being a case study from the new exercise classes at Chapman Physiotherapy! Read on to hear her story and how these classes have improved her pain and function.

At the end of January Claire came to see Vicky due to her bilateral knee pain, that she has previously managed on and off for the past few years following an MRI that diagnosed her with Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome.

She had recently been skiing and her knees became sore and towards the end of the week they both were swollen and painful. Claire then had to drive 20+ hours home from abroad and by the time she got back home the pain was excruciating. She was really struggling to bend her knees, crouch or do stairs properly. She was concerned as she was due to go skiing again in March, therefore booked in to Chapman Physiotherapy.

Claire had 3 individual physiotherapy sessions with Vicky and then began attending the lower limb exercise class weekly with Elly.

Alongside completing the lower limb class once a week, Claire is now doing 2-3 home workout sessions incorporating the exercises from the classes and finding her own workouts.

Claire went skiing again in March and her knees were much improved, with hardly any swelling or pain which meant she could ski the whole week and wasn’t in agony when she came home! She could really tell the difference in them and how much stronger they felt.

Her knees are now so much better and stronger than she has begun the couch to 5km running programme!

This is just one example of how our exercise classes can aid recovery from injury or pain. We run an upper body and lower body class twice a week which are tailored to each individual’s needs and the exercises are adapted as required. They can be utilised for any injury or problem, or if you just want to become fitter and stronger!

Ask your physiotherapist or at reception for more details on how to join the classes.


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