Helen Bartram – Lymphoedema Massage Therapist

Jan 7, 2020

Helen Bartram will be joining the Chapman Physio Team – Bawtry as a Lymphoedema Massage Therapist

Helen first became interested in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) after having treatment herself.  She has lymphoedema so knows personally the benefits of this type of massage.  She is also aware of the emotional as well as the physical effects it has on a person.

She qualified at the Vodder School of Manual Lymphatic Drainage in 2006 in decongestive lymphatic therapy.  She is also a registered DLT member of MLD UK, which means she can treat patients with a compromised lymph system, for example after the removal of lymph nodes, (lymphadenectomy)


The treatment is not only used for both primary and secondary lymphoedema. It may strengthen the immune system as part of a detox treatment, cleansing the body from within. Compression bandaging can be used to reduce limb volume, to give better shape to the limb and improve skin condition. Compression garments are then used to maintain the limb size.

The treatment can be used after injury and cosmetic/non-cosmetic surgery to enhance results by reducing swelling, bruising and speeding recovery time.

MLD may also be beneficial for clients with Lipoedema. Lipoedema is a chronic disorder with symmetrical impairment of fat distribution. Fat deposits to the hips and thighs accumulate making them out of proportion with the upper body, although in rare cases also the arms.

As well as having a decongestive effect, the gentle and rhythmical movements are shown to calm the nervous system and help inhibit pain.

The massage uses gentle rhythmical movements to stimulate the lymphatic system to work more efficiently, create collateral routes of drainage and removal of waste production

Helen also uses a Hivamat which uses deep oscillation to help reduce inflammation, pain, helps with muscle relaxation, fascial mobilisation and improve range of motion.

If you need any further information, please call 01302 321245

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