Chapman Physiotherapy Exercise Classes

Mar 27, 2019


We are now running group exercise classes based in our gym and led by Elly Howdle (previously Kirk) one of our Physiotherapists, focusing on strengthening the upper and lower body.

The aim of the classes is to aid recovery from injury, prevent re-injury and improve your overall strength.

These 45 minute sessions will have a maximum of four participants, enabling you to rehab with the reassurance of a physiotherapist to correct your technique and progress your exercises as safe to do so.

There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions you may attend!

Session Times

Mondays 09:00-09:45 upper body

Mondays 10:00-10:45 lower body

Fridays 10:30-11:15 upper body

Fridays 11:30-12:15 lower body


£15 per class

Buy 6 sessions, get 1 free!

Buy 12 sessions, get 2 free!


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